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  • Gorillaz
    On Melancholy Hill
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    when yo mama comes home and the atmosphere of fun and relaxation leaves the house 


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  • Bone Thugs N Harmony
    Foe tha Love of $
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    Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Feat Eazy E - Foe tha Love of $

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    it’s all in the joints

    hahah brook!!!

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    I worked with Studio Ghibli and Mondo to create new, official posters for two of my favourite films, Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. 

    These Japanese editions will be available exclusively at comic con. English versions will be available online at a later date. 

    Once again, a big thank you to the folks at Ghibli and Mondo for giving me the chance to do this. 

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    (*I’m mixed race. My father is African American, and my mother is white with German and English parents)

    "OH MY GOD CAN I TOUCH YOUR WEAVE/ IS THAT A WEAVE!?!" (this is my natural hair, and no you cant touch it)

    *Is elbow deep in my hair* “Its not as soft as I thought it would be/ why is it so tangled” (Whens the last time you saw someone just run their fingers through curly hair???)

    "omg, can I have some of your hair?" 

    "Are you Persian/ Brazilian/Dominican/Mexican/Puerto Rican???"

    "Are you Indian?" (Like from India. They asked me where my "dot" was, and then started making weird noises like they were trying to imitate Indian music.)

    (random white kids I don’t know) “Speak Spanish for me!!!” 

    (more random white kids I don’t know) “Her skin is butterscotch!” “No, it’s caramel!”

    (holds up their pale as anything arm to mine) “Oh my god I got a tan, I’m almost as dark as you” (Am I the only one that can’t really tell when some white girls get a “tan”. Sometimes they literally look no different to me).

    "Lol, Gabrielle’s racially confused" (??)

    "Gabrielle’s not a black name, why didn’t they name you Watermalondria (like water my laundry) or Friedchickenisha?"

    "Go back to Mexico!"

    "Your ass is really flat/ you have such small boobs for a black girl."


    (when they see me with my mom) “Oh so you’re adopted?”

    "Well, you’re only half black, so you don’t really count.”

    "You don’t act ghetto."

    "Straighten your hair more! It would look so much prettier straight!" 

    "My parents wouldn’t want me to date a black girl, but since you’re half white/ act white, it’s ok." (wow, such flattery, you really won me over.)

    "So, do you like white guys or black guys?" 

    "You talk like such a white girl!"

    "You don’t act black."

    "If you’re black where’s your afro?" Some people have called my hair "nappy" when it’s really just frizzy.

    "If you’re mixed why don’t you have green eyes?"

    "Get out of our country immigrant!"

    "So where’s your family from?" "…Virginia?" "No no I mean what country did you come from.” 

    "I find mixed girls so sexy" 

    "You don’t mind if I say the n-word around you do you? I mean you’re only half so it shouldn’t bother you right haha?"

    "Technically everyone’s mixed race, when you think about it." (THIS. I hate this so much. No not everyone is mixed. Why are you trying to take this away from me. You know you’re not mixed, both your parents are as white as Philadelphia cream cheese, bye Felicia) 

    This was my childhood. And I’m NO way near as light in pigmentation as her.

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  • Nujabes
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    girl, i wanna give you

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    R&B sucks nowadays that probably explains why so many of y’all don’t know what love is or can’t handle a break up too well.

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